Moving Violations and Auto Insurance

Moving violations and auto insurance – In many U.S. states a points system is used to keep track of moving violations on driving records. These points can affect your insurance premiums, your chances of getting a good insurance rate on a second car and may prevent you from qualifying for auto insurance discounts.

Moving violations and auto insurance rates that are higher than average go hand-in-hand. So how can drivers remove those pesky auto insurance points from their driving records? There are several options for cleaning up your driving record and cutting down on auto insurance costs.

In several states drivers who have kept on the straight and narrow for a year with no points added to their driving record can apply to have up to three points removed from their scorecard. Since moving violations and auto insurance are so closely related you could see your rates lowered within one year of clean, safe driving.

You can also get the slate cleaned up by enrolling in a driver improvement course or a defensive driving course. If you do commit any moving violations and auto insurance rates are skyrocketing you may need to retain the services of a good attorney to help minimize the points that are added to your driving record.

Scarily enough, many states mark your driver’s license with these points to show how many moving violations you have been guilty of during the last year. This is not good, for two reasons. States that make use of points have a maximum number that are allowed before your license is revoked. The relationship between moving violations and auto insurance is pretty obvious. The more recklessly you drive the more at risk the insurer is of needing to meet a claim in the future. You will pay for this, so clean up your act now and save money on next years premiums.