How to File an Auto Insurance Claim

The first step to filing an Auto Insurance Claim is to decide whether you should file one. Scarily enough, in some cases all it takes is a call to your insurer to enquire about filing a claim and it is noted on your record. It is in your best interests to keep your scorecard as clean as possible so before you grab that phone decide if filing a claim is justified. If you are able to foot the bill with room to spare don’t file a claim. The next step is to fill out a ‘What to do After an Auto Accident Worksheet’. You can print one out online and it will help you to track the progress of your Auto Insurance Claim. It is important to document each and every detail of the accident step-by-step. You may also want to find any witnesses that will testify on your behalf.

Once you have all the details of the accident documented you should file the Auto Insurance Claim as soon as possible. Call your company and talk to them about the procedures for filing a claim. If the accident is your fault or not you will want your insurer to handle your claim as your advocate.

Next, be prepared to talk to the other driver’s insurance company about your Auto Insurance Claim. In the event of a disagreement between two or more drivers you may be asked for your version of events. This is where your accurate documentation comes in. After your conversation make sure you write down what was said by both parties and that you know the name of the person you spoke to

At this point you can go ahead and get your car repaired. If your car was damaged you can get it repaired as soon as your Auto Insurance Claim is approved. Your insurance company may want to send out an insurance adjuster out to assess the damage to your car. They may also expect you to send your car to a pre-approved shop for the necessary repairs.